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I am pleased to now offer a variety of editorial services to help writers prepare their manuscripts for submission and publication. I recently completed a Copyediting Certificate from The University of California San Diego Extension, and I've had four young adult novels traditionally published. Since earning a BA in French with minors in English and communications from Ouachita Baptist University in 2012, I've also worked as a freelance copywriter, producing web copy on just about every topic under the sun. 

I enjoy helping writers identify the strengths and weaknesses in their work and coaching them toward the desired outcome for a project. As a writer who has received my fair share of editorial notes, I know that the most talented editors do not enforce their will with an iron fist, but instead make queries and suggestions that enhance the writer's creative vision.


Whether you're looking for broad feedback on your work-in-progress or a close edit to prepare a final draft for submission, you will likely find a service here that suits your needs. If you don't, feel free to reach out and discuss an approach that is tailored to your project. I can't wait to read your work!

Developmental Edit

  • What you receive: a comprehensive editorial letter with broad-stroke feedback addressing plot, characterization, pacing, dialogue, and world building. For a full manuscript, expect a 5-6 page letter. For a partial manuscript, expect 2-3 pages. 

  • Cost: $0.006 per word

  • This service is ideal for: writers who sense that one or more big picture elements of their work could be improved. Maybe you suspect that the pacing is a little off, or that the world building could be more defined and unique, or that your characters' motivations feel unrealistic. Maybe you have no idea where the plot is going next! A developmental edit can help you find the right direction. 

Combination Edit Package

  • What you receive: a detailed line edit with Track Changes comments, suggestions, and queries, as well as a 5-6 page developmental edit letter with broad-stroke feedback on plot, characterization, pacing, dialogue, and world building.

  • Cost: $0.013 per word 

  • This service is ideal for: writers who have a complete manuscript that is likely to be submission-ready with a few big picture improvements and a good polishing. Note: if you sense that your project requires moderate to heavy revising, a developmental edit may be a better fit. 

Query Package

  • What you receive: detailed feedback on your query letter and first 10 pages or first chapter (whichever is longer).

  • Cost: $100

  • This service is ideal for: authors who have  a complete, polished manuscript and are preparing to submit to literary agents. 

Line Edit

  • What you receive: a detailed review of your manuscript with Track Changes comments, suggestions, and queries at the sentence and paragraph level. These notes will address stylistic choices and syntax, as well as wording that is confusing, bloated, awkward, or ill-defined.

  • Cost: $0.009 per word 

  • This service is ideal for: writers who feel good about the big picture elements and are ready to dig into the nitty gritty. A line edit will refine your manuscript and help prepare it for submission to an agency or publishing house.



  • What you receive: a close edit to ensure mechanical consistency and address problems with grammar, syntax, usage, and diction. This will also involve querying inconsistencies and structural/organizational problems. (Note: copyediting is more in-depth than proofreading, which is a review of a final document that has already been copyedited).

  • Cost: Depends on genre and level required (light/medium/heavy). Please contact to discuss.

  • This service is ideal for: a manuscript that has been polished at the line and sentence level and is ready for final preparation for publication.

Plot Critique

  • What you receive: a review of your synopsis (or synopsis-in-progress) followed by an in-depth analysis and back and forth discussion of potential plotting and pacing issues. 

  • Cost: $100

  • This service is ideal for: authors who are struggling to connect the dots and outline a cohesive story. 

If you would like to retain my services or have any questions about which editing package is best suited to your editorial needs, email me at hkwest20 (at) gmail (dot) com or use the form on my contact page. Please include a brief description of your project and goals. I look forward to working with you!


"Hannah’s developmental edits were incredibly helpful for getting my novel ready to query agents. With her outstanding story-sense and attention to detail, she identified areas of my manuscript that needed tightening and offered fantastic insights for how I could improve it. I signed with my dream agent, and I truly believe it wouldn’t have been possible without Hannah’s assistance. I can’t recommend her work highly enough!"

- Sarah Goodman, author of Eventide

“Hannah did a terrific editing job. Her suggestions and recommendations are spot on and I’m looking forward to the rework process.” - Tammy L., Author

“Our team agrees that Hannah helped take our Bible study curriculum to a whole new level. In addition to heavy editing services, she provided a style sheet to help us maintain quality and consistency throughout future books. We are proud of the finished product and we owe a great deal of that to her expertise." - Keith W., Nonprofit founder

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