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To request review copies, email marketing (at) holidayhouse (dot) com. For rights inquiries, please contact info (at) holidayhouse (dot) com.


If you have a question for me, check out the FAQs below – I may have already answered it! If not, message me and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Kingdom of Ash and Briars and the other books in the Nissera series related?

Kingdom of Ash and Briars is a standalone prequel. Realm of Ruins  and Palace of Silver (4/28/20) take place a century after the events in Kingdom of Ash and Briars. You don't need to start with KOAAB, but reading it first may enrich your experience with the other two books.

Will you send me a copy of one of your books to review?

If you're a book reviewer and would like an advance reader copy of one of my upcoming books, please contact marketing (at) holiday house (dot) com. 

Can you read my query or manuscript?

While I love giving writing advice to aspiring authors, unfortunately I don't have the time to offer any personalized advice or feedback. I can take on limited freelance clients. If interested, please use the "contact" page to inquire.

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