I am pleased to now offer a variety of editorial services and packages to help writers prepare their manuscripts for submission and publication. I hold a Copyediting Certificate from The University of California, San Diego Extension as well as a BA in French with double minors in English writing and communications from Ouachita Baptist University. I've had four young adult novels published and have nearly a decade of experience in the publishing industry.


I enjoy helping writers identify the strengths and weaknesses in their work and coaching them toward their own desired outcomes for a project. As a writer who has received my fair share of editorial notes, I know that the most talented editors do not enforce their will with an iron fist, but make queries and suggestions that hone the writer's creative vision.


Whether you're looking for broad feedback on the plot and pacing of your WIP or a close edit to prepare a final draft for submission, you will likely find a service here that suits your needs. If you don't, I hope you'll feel free to reach out and discuss an approach that is tailored to your project.


I can't wait to read your work!

Developmental Edit

Broad strokes: plot, character, pacing, world building, etc.

Full manuscript (up to 90,000 words): 

Detailed editorial letter (approx. 3-4 pages) that covers strengths and weaknesses of manuscript and offers actionable guidance on improving plot, character, pacing, and world building.

Partial - 50 pages: 

Partial - 100 pages: 

Fee for every 1,000 words over 90k

Comprehensive Edit Package

Includes developmental edit and line edit. You will receive a 3-4 page detailed editorial letter addressing plot, character, pacing, and world building, etc. You will also receive detailed in-line edits and comments throughout.

Query Consultation

Discuss your query letter to make sure it is properly formulated according to common industry standards and tighten the pitch to make your work as appealing as possible to agents/editors. 

Plot Critique

Based off synopsis 

Line Edit

Improvements in literary style at the sentence and paragraph levels.

Details, stylistic choices, syntax. This will address anything that's confusing, clunky, ill-defined. Will also do a cursory search for errors.  

Full manuscript review with Track Changes comments, suggestions, and corrections. 

Full manuscript up to 90,000 words. 

Fee for every 1,000 words over 90k



Submission Package - $75

A close edit to ensure mechanical consistency. Will address issues of grammar, syntax, usage, and diction as well as query inconsistencies and structural or organizational problems. (Note: copyediting is more in-depth than proofreading, which is a review of a final document that has already been copyedited).




Feedback on query letter, synopsis, and sample pages (typically first 10 pages or first chapter).

Other Author Services

Book cover animation, graphic design, contact to discuss options


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